Vern Oakley


Using Video to Build High-Performance Culture

When it comes to persuasion, speechwriters and executive communicators know how to use the written and spoken word to engage their audiences. But film and video are the fastest growing content medium, and they demand that communications professionals understand how to benefit and add video to their communications arsenal.

Veteran corporate filmmaker Vern Oakley will present a session on how leaders can use film and video to humanize their organizations and share their vision. He will draw on his 30 years as a film director and producer who has worked with some of the biggest organizations and companies around the world to tell their stories and humanize their organizations. He’ll also draw from his forthcoming book, Leadership in Focus: Bringing Out Your Best on Camera.


Vern will share practical tips on how communications professionals can use the power of the moving image to achieve organizational goals. He’ll also share strategies to help leaders use film and video to project authenticity and integrity across an organization.

Oakley is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Tribe Pictures, a New York-based film production company. Tribe has been among the early adopters of virtual reality technology, still in its infancy, and his session will also include insights into how this new technology can be used for powerful leadership communication.

Sample Takeaways

  • Practical tips on how to create a compelling narrative in film.
  • Insight into how leading firms are using film and video to transform their organizations.
  • Best practices for turning your leaders into great video storytellers.
  • Tips on how leaders can make use of key emotional triggers and cues to help them create authenticity and build trust.
  • Research on how humans are wired from birth to respond to film and video.


As CEO, and Creative Director of Tribe Pictures, Vern Oakley has interviewed hundreds of CEOs and leaders. For 30 years, he has produced and directed short and long form films for global corporations and institutions. These films have helped launch the world’s largest IPO, reposition “Fortune 10” brands, and raise over $7 billion dollars for academic and charitable institutions.

A client recently called Vern “the business artist,” which captures his facility in both the boardroom and on the film set. When he directs CEOs and other top executives, he brings a depth of insight into their strategic business needs and shows them how to express their authentic self on camera. He teaches in the Corporate Communication Graduate School at Baruch College. He believes business can be force for good in the world, and is committed in all endeavors to connecting people and ideas to further that notion.

Under Vern Oakley’s direction,Tribe has won over 400 industry awards including over 50 “Best in Show.”

Business Expertise/Potential Topics

  • Values & Culture
  • Recruiting
  • Branding
  • Human Resources
  • Fundraising
  • Corporate Communications
  • CEO Messaging
  • M&A
  • Change Management
  • Interactive Video and Virtual Reality

Sample Clients